Children day Celebrations at ZPHS Bommanagandi School, Kothapet – Swathi Amireddy

YFS Volunteer Swathi Amireddy, who teaches at ZPHS, Kothapet writes about the Children’s Day celebrations at the school.

Childrens day was successfully celebrated in ZPHS kothapet school. Drawing and Essay competitions were conducted in the morning 9:30am. Nearly 50 students participated and 16 prizes were given for every two classes(2 prizes for I II class, 2prizes for II III class…. till VIII) for both Essay and Drawing competition.

There after Cultural events were conducted for which Vandemataram Foundation member Madhava Reddy had been invited as a chief guest. His speech was very enthusiastic and encouraging to kids. Over 30 students actively participated in dancing, singing, and elocution. Prizes were also given to these participants. Books like ‘Pedda bala shiksha‘ and ‘Vemana padhyalu‘ are given as prizes to children.

More pics here: Children day Celebrations at UPS school

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