My first experience with YFS – Spandana Kodiganti

I had a great time for the past one week being a volunteer of YFS at Sarswathi Vidya Mandir, Badanagpet.

I registered myself as a volunteer on Jan 1 of this year but made my active participation only on last Saturday.  Till  then  I was overwhelmed  with negative thoughts like   “Can  I  ever   volunteer  a  event ?” .However after making my first attempt through plantation drive held at the school , it was proved   that I was carrying wrong notions with me all these days and what all I need  is a spirit to serve the society .

In the first week , I  got an opportunity to take part in  eye Screening as well as in teaching  students  of the  school . Hospitality of the school children and the staff  towards volunteers  fascinated me . Million dollar worth smiles of the children gave me  immense satisfaction that i could never get if   I hadn’t joined YFS. At the end of the week  , I found a very positive and  encouraging atmosphere built around me which  provided enthusiasm for more active participation  on  coming  days.

Thanks to  YFS  for providing  such a wonderful opportunity !!

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